The tablet revolution and its effects

The tablet revolution and its effects

One uprising that has taken the tech world by storm is the tablet revolution. You need not be a Nostradamus or marketing analyst to say that the coming era would be the age of the tablets. Just as how the advent of the Apple’s iPhone gave a new meaning to the Smartphone, the launch of iPad in 2010 had defined the world of tablets. Google for its part has pitted Android Smartphone against its competitors, thereby increasing the heat for the competition. Now Android tablets are set to create ripples in the tablet arena. As the leading brands are planning to launch their tablets, the customers have a wide range of choice e to choose his new device. This remarkable revolution is indeed a major benefit for the consumers.

As we are aware, the tablets are a perfect chic machine, able to connect to the net wirelessly, and has good backup. Since it requires no formal training, this innovative mobile computer has wooed the younger lot and is now a craze amid the kids.

A yardstick has been set by Apple and it as altered the face of the communication sector. iPad made a revolution in the tablet world, now its successor iPad2 has hit the limelight and has become an instant celebrity. It is still going strong among the techie people.

The iPad is very slim, much thinner than its predecessor; hence it is easy to hold. In contrast to the previous edition, a lot of modifications were made. For instance, the A4 CPU has been changed, and Apple has included an innovative 1GHz dual core known as A5. The new machine has a RAM of 512 GB, and it equals the iPhone 4’s technical specifications.

Another vital change that Apple has made in its iPad2 is it has enhanced the life of the battery. The device is offered in several choices. A consumer can either opt for the device in a beautiful case or in a simple black wrap. The Android tablet for its part has good technical specifications like Apple tablets. Most of the Android tablet sprints on Android 4.0 OS. The EKEN MB702 model is power-driven by All Winner A10 CPU, ARM Cortex-A8, 1.2 GHz processor. It comes with a 7” TFT, LCD screen of 800×400 pixels. It has other amenities like integrated Ethernet, and supports Wi-Fi connectivity, has a front camera of 3MP.


However, a major drawback among the branded tablet is its high cost, and hence it remains inaccessible for the middle-income group and for the poor. Keeping this in mind many new tablets have entered into the tablet arena, with its cost-effective prices. Even though the cheap tablets are not par with the technical specifications of the high end tablets, it fulfills the overall fundamental requirement of tablet. It has become a hot-selling cake among the average and below income groups. One such tablet to create a revolution in the world of tablets is Akash tablet produced by Data wind, UK manufacturing and marketing company.

This tablet is offered at the subsidy to the student. This tablet comes with a 2GB RAM, 10” touch screen, incorporated Wi-Fi, USB, Linux OS with PDF reader, open office , video chat, web browser and media tablet.

Though at present the media tablet does not impact the main PC sales, it does have delayed the purchase of PC. The tablet c is seen as devices by individuals, who desire a 2nd or 3rd attached machine for content expenditure practice.

The cheap consumer’s PCs are no more an attraction between the customers, who have shifted their focus to media tablets and other customer electronics. After the launched of iPad attracted several customers, they either bought the tablet or simply dropped the idea of buying a new PC.

Because of the lightweight and portability, the trendy Kindle and iPad tablet PC has become and excellent substitute for notebooks. You can find people everywhere, be it on a beach or while travelling on a plane, books are read by individuals on a tablet, such is the impact of its remarkable revolution.

Apart from reading the digital books, the tablet PCs cans be used for  a lot of miscellaneous purposes like watching the animation films, education videos, perform exercises, tests, Scheduling, mutual  learning (utilize of forums, Wiki, and comment sharing).

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