Importance of Six Sigma to an Organization

Is your business facing a downside, passing through a tumultuous phase, and then it is high time you seek the help of a Good Samaritan, called six sigma. It is a business development tactic that is employed in a number of Organizations. Its major aim is to execute dynamic procedure to eradicate flaws and inefficiency. This business management plan was initially developed by the Motorola Organization, in the year 1996, in United States. In the word of the former CEO of General Electric, Mr. Jack Welch, “It is a method to develop the future business leaders of an organization”.

What is Six Sigma and why it is so important for an organization?

The two key questions that many business leaders want to ask is, what is meant by Six sigma, and why is it so essential for an organization? Well, to put in simple words, Six sigma is a just a management philosophy, which facilitates an organization to get transformed into a more efficient one. At its core math and statics are associated. Many of us know the tale of three blind and an elephant. Three blind men touch an elephant and reveal three different conclusions. One touches the elephant’s tusk and say it is a spear, another touches its torso and say it is a worm, while the third one touches the tail and say it is a snake. Six sigma is akin to these different interpretations. It depends upon an individuals’ perspective and view point

It is much enhanced than TQM

Six sigma is essential, since it attains higher results more than one accomplished through quality improvement methods like Time Quality Management (TQM). Though the companies following TQM get improved on the certain efficiencies, it does not comprehend full potential. The six sigma on the other hand, focuses on building reliable quality enhancements, till the all the business procedure are completely optimized. Once an organization attains a level in certain quality, it shifts its gears and begins to focus on accomplishing other quality levels.

Approach driven by data

The notions and tactics of six sigma emphasizes on utilizing the statistical tool and procedure to develop quality and minimize shortcomings. The reliance on rigid facts and figures robotically makes sure that whatsoever the resolutions are taken, will have the needed quality of services or goods, and the competence of business procedures.

Assists in augmenting the satisfaction of consumers and construct allegiances

It facilitates a company to accomplish enhanced customer satisfaction and assists in building the loyalty of customers. It is very much essential for an organization, to have a reliable group of customers, to make sure that it has a steady revenue flow, even when there is a cyclical slump in the business.

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