Types of Assistive Devices for Treating Stuttering

Use to develop control or cure stutter is only one method of many decisions. But no use to develop a new invention that came with the dawn of technological progress. Even before the time of Christ, the famous Greek orator Demosthenes on stuttering and orating with pebbles in his mouth, sometimes with loud background noise, or climbing steep hills.

Various support and anti-stuttering devices serve different purposes. One type of anti-stuttering device mechanically forcing a change in the stuttering speech pattern. French physician Jean Marie ITAR made the first of its kind. Once, a gold or silver “villa,” and placed under the tongue while a higher position in the mouth.

Freed Stammercheck device is another example of this kind. This tool forces stutterers to speak with limited language range of motion and slow pace of the speech samples. Bates Appliance complicated in many stuttering. Another example is the Idehara “stutter-Cure”, a machine-metallic form, and a whistle to encourage a continuous flow of air when speaking.

Another type of visual and production to be developed to help identify and stutterers change as part of a speech therapies. These devices target different physiological processes. One example is the respiratory kinematics, respiratory irregularities, such as a number of studies might be due to stuttering. “Respiratory monitors” such as providing real-time feedback on stutterers are appropriate respiratory intake. This is part of the treatment, say the CAFE (Computer Aided Fluency create Trainer). Each of the phonation and articulation with other physiological processes, which often worked disease patients who stutter.

There are also tools used to train gradually phonatory onset, sustained phonation, and reduce or phonatory and articulatory tension.

Because studies have shown that talking to each other in a more fluid rhythm aide speech samples, preparing a means to teach tempo and rhythmic speech patterns. One example is the Pacemaster electronic metronome, an experiment in the traditional portable metronome.

Recently, a wave of popularity and demand has seen the tools to change the acoustic feedback. Maybe it’s because of technology development, pioneering design and great marketing techniques.

Several such a mask is acoustic feedback (MAF), delayed auditory feedback (DAF), frequency altered feedback (FAF), and those that are a combination of the different tone patterns have changed.

For example, MAF refers to the use of appropriate voice, tone to prevent the owner of the speaker’s voice in his ears.

There are also a means of reducing anxiety and fear, a class of facility. Maybe it’s because studies show that anxiety toward stuttering voices were held to explain the critical situation, talking to the disease.

Palmer Sweat index (PSI) and the Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) are used to measure the physiological relationship between stuttering therapy for anxiety. One example is a controversial method called “Eye Movement desensitization and reprocessing” (EMDR) therapy, Casa Futura Technologies introduced a few years ago.

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