The Way to Stuttering Therapy through Telemedicine

This advanced method of treatment of stuttering is still young, but steadily developed the test at the time. This “remote” stuttering treatment using low-cost video conferencing.

Video conferencing amalgam of audio, video, communications and networking technologies for real-time interaction. As a school, where students participate in distance learning, telemedicine uses electronic signals to transfer medical data from one site to another. This method is becoming more and since used by many health care providers.

In this method, the advanced technologies such as high resolution photographs, radiological images, sounds, patient data, and video conferencing.

This telemedicine offers many advantages. One example is the appeal to be able to visit and interact with the client without traveling outside one clinic. This reduces transaction costs. Another advantage is what is important is the ability to reach people in remote areas where medical services are not available.

However, all the expensive video conferencing systems, room-based system. This is because several important elements you need for both parties as a microphone, a camera and digitizer. The latter is very important that converts a digital audio and video format or codec to be able to transfer data efficiently.

Most computers equipped with multimedia elements such as voice recording and playback capabilities. The aim of such parts to convert the audio signal into a digital code. Because it causes a lot of information to be processed, there must be a compressor. This will reduce the amount of information, so the signal does not impair a shared network of computers. This compressor uses a codec. It is typically integrated computer software. The smaller the data to be transmitted, and the greater the bandwidth capacity of the contents of the data, the fastest in the transfer of information.

Telemedicine, it is also important for computers that video camera that records and displays video images. These cameras typically cost between $ 100 and $ 900. Again, these are large images of the video data over a shared network. It is therefore very important to compress the data to the codec. Finally, the computer must be an Internet service provider. It is best to use the Ethernet network, this process is slower than dial-up connection.

As such, studies have shown that this method also provides a therapeutic interaction with adults who stutter. Some consideration should also be noted as a challenge to the stability and speed of network connections. This, however, be reduced in some cases, such as controlling the time and network traffic during the video conference activities.

This process is not intended to substitute for direct face-to-face treatment to date. However, since the use of videoconferencing technology to supplement the lack of treatment in many cases. This process gives people the proximity of the therapeutic problems. It also allows people who stutter to interact with other people in different places and countries.

This therapy can certainly possible way video conferencing remote stuttering intervention.

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