Relaxation Technique in Treating Stuttering

… F M. Alexander Technique

Along with a variety of therapies and treatment programs for stuttering, one method is based on the premise of controlling and developing self-awareness, movement, balance, coordination and support. This is called F.M. Alexander Technique.

The F.M. Alexander Technique is a psychological approach to treating stuttering. It is worth noting that this is not a stutter or specific treatment for the disease. This method simplifies and freedom of movement. It teaches that the proper amount of effort exerted in certain activities. However, F.M. Alexander Technique is not, or only a set of practices, but a re-education of the mind and body.

It is named after the developer F. Matthias Alexander, who originally developed the technique of vocal training for singers and actors in the late nineteenth. While developing this system, and a variety of experiments, FM Alexander realized the importance of breathing, of course, operating mechanism, a well-functioning physical body.

He introduced the technique of what is called re-education of the breathing mechanism. Therefore, many doctors finally recognized the innovative perspective during this time. FM Alexander discovered that breathing and pronunciation is an important component of how organizations work well. For example, the normal breathing and vocal patterns. Both are crucial aspects of normal patterns of general physical coordination. Coordination includes postures, breathing, movement and tension patterns.

As such, it eventually developed a method to teach patients to consciously change maladaptive patterns of coordination. FM Alexander discovered that the psycho-physical habits in general, there may be physical or mental habits. This is because they realized that the mind and body function, integrated enterprise does not operate independently.

In addition, he noticed that the man’s perspective to determine the activities that he himself co-ordinate these activities. However, the long-practiced habits of too much stress can affect coordination and effective training in singing. The method of breathing re-education and a comprehensive psycho-physical re-education techniques to help solve the difficulties.

Thus, the FM Alexander Technique stutterers tools to develop more awareness and control activities. This was the assumption that the difficulties people experience in many levels, such as learning, performance and control of physical activity caused by unconscious habits. As such, these unconscious habits affect the natural balance, and capacity to learn. Therefore, the technique teaches you to eliminate interference with the innate coordination body create more confidence and composure.

Therefore, to find out the vocal technique and breathing problems, a lot of student-developed therapeutic mechanisms to resolve various problems, including stuttering. We followed the hypothesis of respiratory mechanisms and breathing techniques.

However, one must keep in mind that the FM Alexander Technique does not treat a passive patient. The yield positive results in the deliberate elimination of harmful habits, causing physical and emotional stress. The American educational philosopher John Dewey, and Nobel prize scientist Nikolaas Tinbergen known as the technique as an effective aid to improve physical and mental well-being. So now the combination therapy to treat stuttering.

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