A Stuttering Modification Process

This interval is an intense therapy program for people who stutter. First performed in Germany in 1987, this therapy program is named after Van mature, whom he had a number of fundamental principles of the treatment.

This is known as the Intensive Care Program Is a more mature range. It’s called interval, because the block schedule system, a five-day period of six to eight week segments between segments. They call it intense, because the long session, segments of about eight hours a day.

The principles of the program involves the use of priority and a stuttering modification approach fluency shaping approach. It also considers the motivation and relapse as a great many difficulties in adult stuttering therapy. Also considers that the therapist plays a minor role in most adult stuttering therapy.

We have made the program more mature group of about 12 patients two therapists. This is often done in the church-owned guesthouse. In Germany, Andreas Starke among therapists, together with Bernd and Angelika Enger Copenhagen.

Five weeks in total in this process. The first week focuses on the identification. The main goal in the first two weeks of a better understanding of each patient’s stuttering, and so patients understand the basic concepts of speech. This segment includes a video recording of each patient and recorded a ten-minute conversation in five minutes and read. This is followed by lectures on speech production and analysis of video recordings.

The second week focuses on desensitization. The main goal in this segment to desensitize patients’ expectations and experiences of stuttering. This phase includes exercises to maintain eye contact, analysis of reactions to stuttering and stammering when regaining control. At this stage the patient is expected that the changes in the reactions, such as to avoid stuttering, mood words, and postponement.

The next week, use the delete procedure is more mature and practical introduction to the technique. This section teaches the patient to pay attention to slow of speech natural extension of the exact speed the production and use of pauses. Records show that a significant reduction in stuttering frequency in most patients.

Aside from the introduction and practice already employed in the fourth week of the branches, developed by Van mature. This is simpler than the process in the previous section. Patients are trained to gain control stuttering event, thus completing the floor of the slow movement. Most patients often have difficulty with this process. Often we do not find such a pleasant process.

In addition, the fourth week involves fewer outdoor activities and phone sessions. However, in order to fluently, 15-20 minutes of public speaking as an exercise.

Finally, the last week, no longer practiced. Rather, review the sequence of therapy, and instructs the patient to work his way back. In addition, the therapists continued to explain the decline in the resources and discuss the characteristics of life, who stuttered.

In a recent survey, this stuttering modification process has been successful in many patients.

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