Mini Storage Owners: Pros and Cons of Auctions

You are a mini-store owner who is losing money because customers who simply will not pay the bill. If so, did you know that is home to a public storage auctions? The state may make certain restrictions, but at public auction to be an option.

One of the many pros or plus half-hosting self storage auction that you are able to recoup their losses. These auctions take place if the bills left unpaid, it is often months late. Since you lose money, you can hurt your business. But if you auction off the contents within each container paid, then pay off the losses.

In addition to the reimbursement of losses, there is always a possibility that you money. If a bidder will pay $ 300 for lots of internal storage, but the bill is not paid only $ 100, you stand to gain $ 200. Of course I remember the cost. You need to let the public know about the auction. This could include the purchase of signage, or in a newspaper classified ad.

Mini storage auctions is easy to configure. In fact may be much easier than originally thought. Why? Because it is free to decide how it works. Do you want to treat yourself to take the offers, or would like to hire a third-party auction house? If you are auctioning off the contents within the storage bays full, compared with a few tanks, all you have to do is open the device and start the bids.

Another pro or plus side, on which a public storage auction is to grow in popularity. You’re not the only person who has benefited from these auctions. Many customers resell what they buy on eBay and Craigslist, the yard sales and flea markets. Although there are risks, as buyers do not always know what they do offer storage auctions is a simple way to make money. For this reason alone you should see a lot of candidates in the auction.

Although there are some advantages to hosting a mini storage auction, there are some drawbacks to this too. Not all successful auctions. Yes, it has become increasingly popular, but it depends on what you have to offer. People are less likely to participate if only one or two boxes from an auction. If a store owner, or if most consumers do not pay the bills, you may have to wait.

The largest and perhaps most disturbing drawback of hosting a public storage auction dissatisfied customers. Maybe more insults thrown at you. Yes, the old clients were to blame. Eventually, they decided to leave the bills not paid. Despite this important fact that remains “is your fault.” To reduce the chance of an angry customer, they have more chance to return their belongings to pay the bill.

As you can see, there are many pros and cons to hosting a mini storage auction. If you are unsure if an auction for you to attend one. See how good an offer to go and what the turnout was like. This helps determine if recoup the losses and profits, or if an auction is just a waste of time.

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