How to Prevent Your Storage Items From Being Auctioned

You own a rental storage unit? If so, you’ve heard of storage unit auctions. At first glance, because they are a cause for concern. Can you fall victim to these auctions? Can the property be sold to a real? Yeah, maybe, but there are steps you can take to prevent this from happening.

Pay Bill

This is due to unpaid bills for public storage auction. The container account should be treated like any other important bill. Rather, as a mortgage or car payment. If you miss enough payments, home or car is impossible to take it back. The same is done for self-storage units. In a sense, the belongings are held as collateral.

Never let a bill to miss more than two months. The best is that up to date and paid on time. If you plan to financial difficulties prior to remove his belongings, while the account is still good. Store them in your home or your home is a close friend or family member.

Talk to the owner

This approach is one that does not rely heavily, but it will not hurt to try. If you are experiencing temporary financial difficulties to explain it. Let the company know, maybe the full payment of the next month or few weeks. Offer to small weekly payments, especially if you can extend the auction. But no, that this agreement if it is one that you can not keep.

Take your things

He got a warning that the container contents can be auctioned? If so, can they? Maybe he knows. If so, remove everything in the store immediately, especially for all the family photos and personal documents. If you sell these items, they must be discarded almost immediately. When you remove your things, you still have to pay an unpaid bill. With that said, if things are not inside the storage unit can not be auctioned.

If you choose this approach, you will want to take action immediately. Three months or more, the company changed the locks in their own container. This means that they do not have access to the unit. Many people are simply not willing to give back his belongings until agree to pay the overdue bill, or at least part of it.

Check the contract

After a certain period of unpaid storage bill can be translated into leaving the property. This means that regardless of whether it is included in this auction due to an unpaid bill in the contract, one continues to take place. It is still important to consult with the contract. If you do not see anything in the storage auction, you may stir. This buy you more time

Check your mail and answer phone

Before a public storage auction is held, owners may try to contact him on several occasions. Do not assume that just the fact that a late notice. Perhaps a warning that his things are sold to the slate.

These units do not want to run your own store to sell or auction off the personal belongings, so they will make multiple attempts to contact. You must remember that running a business. The unpaid bills are causing them to lose money.

As a recap, the best way to avoid having to auction his belongings in a public storage auction to pay the bill and on time. Once you hit the account in good standing, you may want to attend a public auction. If the contractor as opposed to the person who sold the items, how pretty these auctions are. In fact, you do not know how to make money with them?

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