Avoid These Mini Storage Unit Auction Mistakes

Do you want to use mini storage auctions as a way to make money? If so, money is a reseller of goods from an auction. How to sell the goods, can affect profits, but the biggest opportunity to make money start mini storage auctions. To increase your chances of your money, do not these common mistakes.

Travel too far. They say that the more storage auctions you attend, the greater the chance of profit. Yes, it’s true, but do not have to travel two hours or more to participate in these auctions, if you do not know that they will be large in size. The high cost of gasoline, you will find the best luck with local residents. The good news is that if you live in a big city, you can hear is the mini-storage auctions take place every weekend!

Late Arrival. If you really want to make money with mini storage auctions, arrive early. At least, arriving ten minutes before the auction is scheduled to start. Although you might not be able to check the items for bid, it will also improve the chances for sale. You can scout out the competition.

Not asked. No questions have something to hurt you. As mentioned earlier, only two hours of travel, or participate in several auctions to large size. Unfortunately, you may not know without asking. Also, call ahead to verify that the auction was not canceled. Ask what types of payment accepted and how it works bidding process. You offer closed storage tanks or the entire bay?

Bidding too high a blind bids. As mentioned earlier, you can bid for a closed storage bin or an entire bay. In many cases, the units are opened, so a quick look at it. When it comes to the storage unit is closed or sealed crates offer, but keep in mind the risk. While most of the storage unit is full, just keep a few boxes in the corner. This is especially true if the tenants had a chance to remove the items before the auction.

Does not bring a flashlight. If the storage units you can offer, you can be a quick peek inside. This is just a peek last 10 seconds. So, a torch, so to see it.

He did not know what to look for. If you want to make money with mini storage auctions, it is important to know what you can profit from the resale. I always buy a game, but maybe to play with less risk. Furniture and household items are sold well and are easy to spot. Find the name brand products. Look for the boxes to label the targets, such as kitchen, bedroom or living room.

Thinking about a get rich right away. Since the mini storage auctions do not rely on luck, there is a possibility that it will make a profit in its first auction, but this does not always happen. Remember that many items you buy, the better the chance of profit. If you lose money in the first round, I know that you can make a huge profit in the next one.

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