Simple tips to make you slim

Simple tips to make you slim

If you have made up your mind to stay slim, than you can follow the simple tips with little effort. This will make you stay healthy and fit with a slim and pleasant looking personality

Prior to your meals take soup or water

Before taking your meals take vegetable soup or water. This will greatly minimize the calorie intake.

Do not eat the leftovers

Avoid eating the leftover. Don’t compel or stress your stomach by eating the leftovers. If you feel that your stomachs is full then stop eating. Don’t stuff your food inside your mouth. Give the remaining food to someone or keep the remaining food in the fridge. It is worth keeping your body slim rather then stuffing your mouth with left over food which will lead to obesity even without your Knowledge.

Eat at the right time

Make it a habit to take meals at the right time: Make it a habit to eat your food at the right time. Don’t skip your food for the sake of any emergency situation.

Eat your food slowly and chew it properly

Eat your food slowly and gradually. Eating your food slowly reduces the intake amount of calories. Eating the food rapidly will only keep the stomach full within a short span of time. Hence make it a point to eat your food for atleast 20 minutes.

Eat raw vegetables

Make it a habit to eat raw foods like carrot, cabbage, peas, onion and cucumber etc. These vegetables will help in minimizing the calories amount.

Make it a habit to hydrates often

Drink plenty of water to stay healthy slim and fit. You need to drink at least 8 glasses of water daily.


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