Simple tips to maintain good health

Maintaining good health is most essential thing in life. As we all know health is wealth. So a good health is far more important than money, power, fame etc. By following some useful day tips a goo health can be maintained.

Make is a habit to regularly add sufficient amount of vegetables and fruits in your diet. The fruits functions as deoxidants and most of the unwanted toxins are removed by it.

Everyday make it a habit of drinking at least 12 to 16 tumbler of water.

You need to drink more water in the morning and less amount of water during the nighttime.

Do not each too much of fried foods.

Likewise d not eat too much of red meat that has fat in abundance.

Do not take too much of coffee.

Similarly do not add too much of sugar in tea or coffee.

The right time to sleep is from 10.00pm to 6.00 am.

Attend the phone call only by your left ear.

Avoid taking meals after 5.00pm.

Avoid taking junk foods and tin juice

Drink only fresh juice.

Drink tender coconut often

Make it a habit to take steamed food.

By following the above simple tips you can maintain a good health.

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