Tips for developing the study skills in children

One of the initial and major hurdles that a kid will encounter school is the studying habit. It will take a couple of weeks to acquire this habit. However with some consistency, patience this study skill can be gradually implemented by applying the following tips.

The first and foremost thing we need to do is make the child to study at a consistent time and place.Arrange for your child for a desk to study and write. See to that your child studies regularly. First make your kid get accustomed d to the desk. You can sit along with him and chat with your kid how beautiful the desk is and that you bought exclusively for him and how nice it would be if he uses the desk by studying and writing.

Encourage your child a lot Encouragement is the keyword to make your child successful and come out with flying colors.

Don’t put your child into long studying sessioss. It will make it boring. Give him some 15 minutes break for every 45 minutes duration study. This will make the studying session interesting.

During break sessions, give him some refreshments and chat with him in a relaxed manner.

You need to create a friendly atmosphere.

Present your child with gifts. Clap him and cheer him. Set some simple targets for him, tasks to be accomplished in his study. Don’t set a lengthy task. If it is a lengthy task break into smaller ones and encourage doing it and assuring him that he will be presented with a gift he very much aspired.

By following the above methods you can develop the studying habit as an interesting habit in child. Once you have successfully implemented it the child will voluntarily go to his regular study area and study.

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