The Right Way To Start A Small Business With A Family Memb

I am currently running a small business out of my home with a close family member. Well here are a few helpful things you need to know about running a small business with a family member. My sister and I have always been pretty close with each other. I have had a lot of medical issues growing up so my sister had to help take care of me a lot. Well now that we are grown we decided we both needed extra income. So we decided to start our own small business together. My sister has always worked all her life. In fact she was soon working a full time job and a part time job. She lived with my parents even in her 40′s she still lived at home. I always worried about her if something should happen to my mom and dad because she had no responsibilities of paying rent or utilities. Sure enough it wasn’t long that my dad had passed away and then 6 years later my mom passed way. My sister now was on her own.

She started having difficulties in paying her bills plus being alone. She still worked full time at her one job but lost her second job. I decided now would be the perfect time to start a small business of our own. We certainly are not getting rich from it but we are what we call helping each other out. We get to communicate with each other a lot more which has helped us both understand each other better. So you see starting a small business can be used to your advantage in more ways then for just a financial gain. Just remember when working with a family member have a discussion right up front of what you expect from each other. Don’t wait to talk about it. If you let what’s bothering you build up because you don’t want to hurt another persons feelings you will get so angry you will soon not be able to have control of the small business that you started. And you know that you don’t want that strain on yourself or the person you are in business with. Especially if it is a family member. I was all upset over finances that I was so afraid to say anything to my sister about it. I felt like i was doing most of the work in our small business and was only getting half of the profit.

Well after I had stressed myself out so much over all the work I had to do for what I felt was very little pay I decided to sit down and talk to my sister. She had always been the bossy type and I have always been the easy going type so I just was so nervous about saying anything. Well I talked to her calmly about the way I felt and to my surprise all this time she agreed with me. We got everything all worked out and now our small business is thriving and everyone is happy.

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