How Stress And Hair Loss Affect Each Other

Everyone has to live with some about of stress in their life, it is a fact of life and some of it can benefit us while other forms of stress can be detrimental to individuals both mentally and physically. Telogen Effluvium is one of the effects that can result from extreme stress, basically this is a thinning of a persons hair due to stress. Stress and hair loss don’t necessary cause the other to occur. Stress doesn’t have a direct result on a persons hair loss.

Stress and hair loss doesn’t result in faster hair loss, rather it causes individuals to fall into personal habits that lead to the hair loss. Stress has a direct effect on these personal habits and you can minimize the effects of stress and hair loss by dealing with these issues. Consider a few of the habits and how you can take the precautions to avoid both stress and hair loss.

Stress Factors

When people become stressed one thing they tend to do is neglect their eating habits. People will eventually suffer from different physical ailments if they have an unbalanced diet and hair loss would actually be one of the least problems to worry about. If you have stress and hair loss then it can be relatively mild warning sign that you should start eating right and work on correcting your diet. Consider that a normal person loses about a hundred follicles a day that grow back naturally while a person with an unbalanced diet will lose about two to three hundred hair each day, as a result the body can’t replenish the hairs as quickly.

As a result of stress some people will turn to vices such as alcohol and cigarettes. While these care relaxants and legal they can be overindulged by people who are enduring high periods of stress. Even in moderate amounts these vices can have health risks, but an increase of alcohol or cigarettes can cause major physical damages, one of these is hair loss. However, you can obviously prevent this from happening simply by quitting smoking or drinking or at the very least reducing to a moderate level.

Although it may seem funny, nervous habits such as hair fiddling can result in hair loss. When under stress people tend to resort to nervous habits such as nail biting, fiddling with things or twirling their hair. The rougher you fiddle with your hair when stressed will result in worse damage to your hair. If you have this problem the best thing you can do is to discipline yourself to stop your hair fiddling habits. You can’t completely stop stress and hair loss, but you can do your best to reduce the effects that stress will have on your hair loss.

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