Prozac And Hair Loss: Get Medical Advice Before Proceeding

To treat hair loss one may be thinking in terms of Prozac for hair loss though it has been found that the drug is quite effective in curing the habit of pulling out hair, but only in some instances and not in each case and how effective it is will vary from individual to individual with some people getting cured of their habit of pulling out hairs, while others may not notice any difference at all, while in still other cases there may be mild improvement. However, Prozac is essentially prescribed to treat depression and in some cases even for treating compulsive obsessive disorders, and a common though not very serious side effect of taking this drug is to experience hair loss.

Anyone’s Guess

Thus, it is anyone’s guess whether Prozac and hair loss are in fact good or not, and while it may be prescribed to reduce a person’s tendency to pull at his or her hair and thus prevent hair loss, it is just as much likely to cause hair loss when taken for treatment of depression or other disorders. In fact, this is not the only drug that can cause hair loss and so when considering Prozac and hair loss, you should ask the doctor whether it is going to benefit you or further aggravate your hair loss problem.

One should thus only err on the side of caution and think carefully about Prozac and hair loss and even though drugs are commonly used in preventing hair loss, these are usually Rogaine and also Propecia that are most used. So, before thinking about Prozac and hair loss, you may even want to consider undergoing restoration surgery, though it will certainly cost a fair bit, but it will at least protect you against side effects of drugs and the results will last for a long time and will also make your hair look natural once again.

You really do not want to mess with drugs that are actually used in treating depression and obsessive-compulsive disorders because there is no guarantee that Prozac and hair loss will actually be worth the effort, and it also does have a bit of risk involved as well. If, in fact Prozac and hair loss were a good idea, would you not have read about it in the news, for such a possibility would certainly call for cheer and thus would have become big news indeed.

So, one can only tread with caution and the best steps to take when concerned about what Prozac and hair loss are all about is to get professional medical advice before trying it out because it does have a known side effect which causes hair to fall rather than the other way around, though it may cure one of the bad habit of pulling out one’s hairs.

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