A Review Of Hair Loss Products That Are The Best

When it comes to a review of hair loss products that work the best thing to do is to focus on products that prevent your healthy hair from falling out rather than re-growing dormant hair follicles. When it comes to preventing hair loss the following review of hair loss products will tell you which are the best for prevention.

The Home Option

When it comes to hair loss the most prevalent option is the home remedy. Some of these remedies don’t really work while others are an excellent option for treating hair loss so it is important to have a review of hair loss products that are listed as home remedies. Some of the most promising home remedies for hair loss are the following.

Use a sage tea and apple cider vinegar solution to rinse your hair. When using almond oil, castor oil, olive oil, jojoba oil and alma oil as a warm massage for your scalp there are benefits. Massaging coconut milk and aloe vera gel into the scalp will have an effect on your hair loss. Applying a masque of honey and egg yolk to your hair and scalp will reduce hair loss.

The Herbal Option

Next is the review of hair loss products you should consider the herbal remedies. There are several lotions and nutritional supplements that claim to be formulated to help with hair loss. If you don’t want to use chemically based treatments then the herbal option may be the right alternative for you. It is best to visit with an herbalist to get the best remedy for your hair loss.

The best herbal remedies that have been suggested for hair loss include ginko biloba, green tea, polygonum multiforum, pygeum, aloe vera, saw plametto, stinging nettle and resveratrol. While you can take some of these in tablet form, others have to be made into preparations that you massage into your scalp. You should use all of these with care since some can cause allergic reactions.

The Medicine Option

The last review of hair loss products focuses on the various medications you can take to solve your hair loss problem. Many people rely on Minoxidil in the form of Rogain, but you need to use this continuously since discontinuing treatment will result in the hair falling out again. Another option is Finasteride or commonly known as Propecia which does have some side effects but it is becoming known as the best prescription medicine for those with hair loss.

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