Dealing with Nexium and Hair Loss

No one likes to deal with the problem of heart burn much less more severe forms of heartburn that yield a severe burning of the esophagus among other serious issues. This is where the drug nexium comes into play as it can effectively eliminate the problem of heart burn. However, there are instances of a connection between nexium and hair loss and this weighs as a serious concern on most people’s minds and rightly so. Who wants to deal with negative side effects from any drug?

The Rarity of Nexium and Hair Loss

While it is best to avoid any sweeping generalities, it is still somewhat safe to say that hair loss derived from the use of nexium is a rare side effect. Yes, the side effect does occur in individuals and for those individuals who have suffered the effects of hair loss there will be little solace taken in the fact that other people did not suffer a connection between nexium and hair loss. However, what must be understood here is that nexium and hair loss do not automatically go together and one should not base avoiding the product based upon the rarity of the potential for such a side effect to occur.

If Using Nexium and Hair Loss Occurs

If one does find an instance where hair loss is occurring while using nexium, it would be best to immediately contact your doctor about switching prescriptions. Keep in mind it would be unwise to discontinue using the drug without a doctor’s suggestion as such discontinuation can lead to further complications that would be best avoided.

Perhaps it would be best to perform a little preventive medicine by asking the doctor if any side effects are common with nexium when the prescription is first written. When the doctor mentions hair loss, it is advised to ask the doctor about what to do if such side effects occur. That is, should one discontinue immediately? Should the dosage be cut? Etc. This preventive maintenance can eliminate any combinations of Nexium and hair loss before t occurs.

When it comes to the issue of nexium and hair loss, there arrives the realization that no pharmaceutical is without its problems. Of course, when the problems do occur they must be dealt with or, better yet, avoided in their entirety before they occur. From this course of action, the use of nexium will provide the relief that was originally intended as opposed to the development of further problems that would best be avoided.

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