Examining Treatment for Hair Loss in Women

There was once a commercial that was produced in the 1970’s that provided some truly “unique” images. In the commercial, a man and a woman are seated at a table in a restaurant. These were clearly amateur hour actors as they droned their petty dialogue in such a boorish and monotonous nature that the imagery became somewhat compelling.

Mainly, the commercial was a train wreck about to happen so the viewer hung in there to see what it was exactly that this commercial was about. We discover what the proceedings are about rather quickly as the man drones that he has a confession to make and proceeds to pull off his hairpiece revealing that he is bald.

The woman, seemingly un-phased by this display, announces she too has a confession to make and proceeds to remove HER hairpiece revealing that she too is bald as well. This was a strange commercial for the era (well, it would still be a strange one today) and it disappeared from the airways within a couple weeks. This commercial was designed to promote hair loss treatment and it was one of the few commercials of its sort to promote a product designed for hair loss in women.

The Modern Commercial Approach to Hair Loss in Women

A few years ago, Rogaine released a product that was designed to treat hair loss in women. This was a similar topical solution to the product designed to treat male pattern baldness and it was modified so that it would not prove overly harsh to women who take the product. The commercials that were geared to informing women that such a product was available but it was done in a tactful manner that did not rely on the shock value that the previously aforementioned commercial wallowed in.

Part of the problem in providing a treatment for hair loss in women is presenting an advertising campaign that is not shocking or weird. (This was the obvious problem in the weird 1970’s commercial previously described) This can prove difficult as the subject matter is difficult not to be shocking as most are unaware baldness can affect women as well.

As such, a more casual approach and mention must be utilized. For Rogaine, the product that provided treatment for hair loss in women was casually mentioned within a commercial for a men’s product. This proved an effective way of advertising the product and did not upset sensibilities as a result. That’s why the product became a hit.

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