Does Paxil Cause Hair Loss And Other Harmful Side Effects

We all know that our hair is our crowning glory for it could make or break our appearance and could greatly affect our self-confidence or self-esteem.  And if we are having a bad day, it seems like our mood is very much affected that we feel like everything else could go wrong or that we are very unattractive.  That is why we do whatever it takes to make it grow beautifully or that we go to salons to even have treatments for our hair just to make sure that they are at their best.

Unfortunately, there have been speculations about Paxil that makes everyone ask, “Does Paxil causes hair loss?” when they take it to treat their depression.  So to clear up the speculations if Paxil does cause hair loss, here is some of what the people are saying who have used Paxil in the past to treat their depression.

What It Is For

Paxil is a known medicine that is designed to treat depression, meaning it is an anti-depressant, that was introduced in the country last 1993 and was considered to belong in the family of SSRI or selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor along with Zoloft and Prozac.  They are known to be an effective anti-depressant that do not give the harmful side effects of those old medications or those older tricyclic anti-depressants.

So for those of the people who are asking if Paxil causes hair loss, you may also want to learn that Paxil is a very effective anti-depressant but on the other hand, it is known to have other side effects of dry mouth, constipation, blurred vision, and urinary retention.  But considering all of these, Paxil was said to be giving the least side effects as compared to other anti-depressants,

What Is The Real Score

Though there have been many benefits that you could derive from using Paxil when treating your depression, reports have said that there are also many harmful side effects that Paxil could give aside from Paxil causing hair loss or alopecia.  And probably one of the major side effects that Paxil could give is the change of behavior of the patient who is taking Paxil aside from Paxil causing hair loss.

There have been many cases linking Paxil to suicide and violent cases because it gives the patient who takes the medication the feeling of wanting to “jump out of your skin”.  That is why there have been high profile cases that are linked to Paxil because it leads the patients in committing impulsive violence and suicide.

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