What You Need To Know About Claritin And Hair Loss

Claritin is a type of drug that is usually prescribed by doctors to prevent runny nose, watering of the eyes, sneezing, itching and other symptoms of allergies. This drug is effective in treating hives and other types of inflations. In most cases, Claritin can relieve the patients of his or her symptoms in just a short period of time. However, some experts believe that although this drug is effective when it comes to treating symptoms of allergies, Claritin can cause hair loss in some people. According to some studies, Claritin induced hair loss is not really serious and the thinning of the hair can usually be arrested by stopping the medication.

In most cases, the Claritin induced hair loss is not really that extensive this is not really a cause for much alarm. In fact, if you take a closer look into the advantages and the disadvantages of taking Claritin as a form of medication, you will notice that the advantages of taking this drug is definitely a lot more than the disadvantages.

Taking Claritin

Just because Claritin causes hair loss in some people, this does not mean that we should avoid taking this drug at all. Different types of drugs are bound to have some forms of side effects on the body especially if they are not being used according to their purpose. To make sure that you do not suffer from Claritin induced hair loss, consult your doctor before taking Claritin or any other drugs for that matter. Do not attempt to self-medicate if you do not want to end up with some unwanted side effects. Always remember that when it comes to drugs, you are bound to suffer some forms of side effects. You may not feel the side effects of the drugs that you are taking immediately but in the long run, these things will catch up on you.

When discussing the merits and demerits of taking Claritin, do not just limit your discussion with your doctor on the topic of Claritin and hair loss. There are a lot things that you need to know about Claritin other than the fact that it can cause hair loss. If you are not satisfied with the information that you get from your doctor about this drug, do your own research. There are plenty of materials that you can find about Claritin as a form of treatment. Read these materials and educate yourself further.

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