Looking at alternative hair loss treatments

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Looking at alternative hair loss treatments

Aside from wigs or transplants as a method of stopping hair loss, there are several alternative hair loss treatments available. All vary in price and method, ranging from doing them in a persons home, to going to a specialist clinic.

Steamer Treatments as alternative hair loss treatments

This alternative is said to work on the same principles as saunas do, opening the pores and allowing the discharge of waste. It can be done in a person’s bathroom with hot towels on a scalp with the product available to assist them with this or in a real sauna where the effects could be felt on the entire body.

High Frequencies as alternative hair loss treatments

This is a high frequency current which stimulates the surface of the scalp by massaging the cells of the scalp. It is supposed to improve the nourishment, stimulate local blood circulation, stimulate local glandular activity as well as supplying heat and is soothing to the nervous system of the scalp.

Laser Treatment as alternative hair loss treatments

Laser treatment is a very new type of treatment that is on the market. A low voltage beam is pulsated across the scalp which claims to give stimulation to the follicle which makes new hair grow. This treatment can cost up to several thousand dollars for a course of 30 visits to the clinic.

Scalp Massagers as alternative hair loss treatments

This is normally carried out to loosen the scalp, and assist penetration of the medication. It is claimed that it also arouses the surface blood supply. Allegedly embryonic hair is formed from materials transported by the same capillary system.

Specialist Shampoos and Scalp Tonics as alternative hair loss treatments

Most clinics have their own range of hair tonics, shampoos and conditioners. Some top clinics sell several months course of tonic, shampoo and scalp cleanser. They are not cheap, and it is claimed that they are too expensive for what the consumer is getting for their money. It is best if a person decides to go for this option as an alternative hair loss treatment is to ask for the three main ingredients in their products, then consult a doctor to see if the ingredients have actually been proven to make a big difference to people suffering from hair loss. It is also worth asking for a free sample. If a clinic does not provide free samples then it cannot have too much faith in its own products which will tell the customer something about the company.

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