Utilize That Old Foam Mattress That Is No Longer Being Use

It is so funny how everyday household items can be used for other crazy things that one could not imagine! Take for instance, your foam mattress, it will blow your mind as to how many different ways one could utilize that old foam mattress that they are no longer using, in so many creative ways, the next time that they go backpacking! It blew my mind when I heard about this, and of all things, for backpacking! If you are smart, you will find many different uses for several things in your home and will feel really good about it. You will have the ability to save yourself some money because of making different uses for one item in your home. It will keep you from having to purchase extra stuff and will also help to keep you clutter free. So, listen up, so that you can take these ideas with you the next time you decide to go on a trip backpacking.

All you have to do is cut that old foam mattress up that you are not using anymore, into small but different sized pieces. Store them in a container or a small bag, so that they will be easily accessible once you are out there beginning your backpacking journey. Now, use your imagination and try and think of the many different ways pieces of this material could be used throughout your backpacking adventure. Are you thinking and being creative? If you can imagine it, it can be done! Think about that hot coffee cup early in the morning, that you are wanting to grip on so badly but it is just too hot. Well, you could use a strip from your old foam mattress to hang on to that coffee cup with, it will make it so much easier. Another thing that you could use this type of thing for would be, if you have to grab onto anything with your hands, things that could possibly hurt your hand or even injure it slightly.

Maybe it would be a good cushion for those walking shoes that you worn for your backpacking adventure, I bet that would feel so much better. Did you bring along any potholders? If not, you could use a piece of this, double folded ofcourse, to pick up the pan or pot with. It is just such a smart idea and if you could remember these little tips, you could really have a extra hand during your next backpacking trip. Your friends or family members will really think that you came up with some amazing ideas too! Backpacking is an awesome experience itself, but anytime that you can utilize something else for a different use throughout your backpacking trip, you are doing a great thing. Check out some of the forums online and add your comments, along with reading others, you might find some more helpful, cool little tips from others that can help you out during your next traveling plans as well.

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