When To Opt For Single Parenting

Marriage is not always a guarantee that a family will stay together for a long time. This is because there are those who try their best to work it out but sometimes, no matter how hard they try, things won’t work out anymore. In separation, two things are always considered an end result: a broken family and single parenting.

Many people opt to stay in a hurtful relationship for their kids. They feel that they need to sacrifice their own happiness for the sake of keeping the family together. What they don’t realize is that the more they stay in an unhappy relationship; they are just bringing more damage to their kids.

Contrary to common perception that separation is always bad to kids, experts say that it is not always the case because it depends on the gravity of the situation at home. For many kids, being raised by a single parent is more advisable because they don’t have to witness arguments between their parents everyday. It is also good for them because it lessens their fear about being hurt by one of their parents when fights occur.

If you are one of those who would want to get out of an abusive relationship but the thought of single parenting scares you, now is the best time to assess the advantages and disadvantages of being in the relationship. You should weigh carefully what is the impact of being in that relationship for yourself and your child. Once you have assessed that being in a relationship brings more damage than good to you and to your child, and then now is the best time to consider your options well.

Determining the red flags

The best time to opt for single parenting is when you have finally weighed all the good and bad things in staying in that relationship. To know this, it would be best to watch out for the signs that you are being unhappy and of course, how your child acts and feels towards the family. Experts say that you should opt for single parenting when you:

- are generally tired of all the things that have been happening inside the house. You will feel that you are not happy when you are with your husband or wife and there’s always tension when you are together.

- don’t look forward to coming home and would prefer staying outside the house. This is common to those who cannot handle the things that going on inside the house and would prefer to be somewhere else.

- lose interest in your spouse. This is not because you are irresponsible but because you no longer see positive things in the family. Many don’t realize that when they lose interest in their families, it’s a sign that there is wrong in the relationship and it something needs to be done about it.

- feel the need that it is better to raise your child alone. This feeling stems from the fact that your care for your child and he or she doesn’t deserve to be in a situation where there’s always tension. If you feel that you can handle this responsibility alone, it’s a positive indication that you are ready for single parenting.

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