Simple Techniques to Help Overcome Stuttering

Stuttering can also be referred to as stammering. This is a kind of speech disorder wherein the flow of speech is interrupted with prolongation or repetitions of words, syllables, sounds and phrases. The stutterer may sometimes experience involuntary silent pauses with what they want to say as they are unable to create any sounds.

This condition is only normal for children when they are only beginning to talk. At this point, kids are only trying to imitate sounds and they are practicing how they can construct their sentences in order to convey what’s on their mind. It is a different case though if you are already an adult and you still fumble many times with your words. If you won’t seek treatment, this may cause you burdens as well as social and psychological effects.

As you grow old, you are expected to mingle with different kinds of people. You will go far in life if you know how to express yourself properly at various kinds of venues. The condition may not bother you that much while you were young, but once you expand your horizons, like you attend school or go hunting for jobs, you need to be confident enough to express yourself to create a good impression. There are some people who only stutter at certain conditions, like when they have to speak in front of a large group or they need to present something very important to their bosses. There are also those who can’t say how they feel to people important to them or they get tongue-tied when they are already faced with the people they admire.

For severe cases, it is vital that you consult with a professional speech language pathologist so that they can test what’s the best treatment that you can get. If you only get attacks of this condition and you want to learn how to control this speech defect, here are some tricks that you may want to look into.

1. You must find out what is causing the problem. You are feeling stressed out that is why you are fumbling with your words. Once you have pointed out what’s causing the stress, you must then think of ways on how you can relax in such situation.

2. Learn how to breathe while talking. Do not rush yourself to finish what you are saying. This exercise is usually done by public speakers and singers. Inhale to get air into your system and say your thoughts while exhaling.

3. If you are finding it hard to speak, try to practice by singing your words. There are some singers who do not sound well during interviews, but you won’t notice anything that is wrong with them while singing. This will be a good exercise and as you go about it, you should also try to practice other steps to make it easier for you to say what you want to.

You have to find your voice and develop self-confidence in order to overcome stuttering. You must never be defeated by this condition. You must do your best to correct the problem and emerge a winner through it all.

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