P90x Nutrition And Diet Plan

According to World Heath Organization, about 2.7 million deaths can be connected to low fruit and vegetable components in daily diet while, 1.9 million deaths are related to lack of physical activity.  With this in mind, Americans are starting to spend million on numerous “diets” and fitness programs.   Tony Horton understanding the need of Americans to stay fit developed the P90x which combines both exercise and diet.

The P90x is a 90-day fitness program that does not only builds you body strength and stamina, but also focuses on developing healthy eating habits.  The nutritional and diet plan complement the weight loss and muscle building regimen.  The nutrition plan has three phases:  the Fat Shredder,  Energy Booster and the Endurance Maximizer.

• Phase 1 or Fat Shredder

This diet followed in the first four weeks. This would start weight loss and focuses on high-protein diet.  Consumption of carbohydrates is kept at minimum. Protein would provide your body energy to get through with the workout.  What are great sources of protein?  Lean meat, salmon steaks, tuna, tofu and low-sugar vegetables like lettuce and other greens are great sources of protein.

• Phase 2 or Energy Booster

In this phase, carbohydrates are again introduced to the diet.  The combination of carbohydrates and protein would increase your energy level, just make sure that they have lower amount of fat.  This is also the phase where exercises are becoming more rigorous and intense.   Carbohydrates like wheat bread, pasta, grains, legumes and potatoes could be eaten but there are still proper proportions followed. There is no defined time period when to stop the diet.   You could continue it as long as it is providing you the energy and stamina needed for the workout.

• Phase 3 or Endurance Maximizer

As the phase is called, it consists of food that would be providing the followers in more energy and stamina.  Followers would consume more complex carbohydrates, lean proteins but low-fat content.  Some would hesitate to follow this phase since it consumes much carbohydrate, but surprisingly, to adapt with intense workouts, carbo is needed.

Before starting the P90x meal plan, it is important to calculate the calorie consumption. It would be based on the activity level and resting metabolic rate.
There are two ways to follow the P90x nutrition plan, it could be through the meal plan or the portion plan.  In meal plan, there are menus which you could follow or prepare.  In portion plan, servings or amount of the food per meal is important.  You could identify which plan suits your needs and preference.

To help followers, not only menus are offered in the guide.  Grocery lists and recipes are also included in the guide.  If you read the meal plan, you will be able to notice the P90x finds it more suitable to consume several small amounts of food than big meals.  Water intake is also given importance in this meal plan.

The P90x nutrition plan is meant to help followers of the P90x to combine exercise and healthy diet.  At the end of the day, it is not only a 90-day program but a lifestyle change.  It would help you achieve not only a bulkier and your dream bod, but a healthier body too. But to achieve it, discipline in sticking to the program will help achieve positive results.

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