P90x: Is It For Everybody?

We have seen the infomercial before, P90x can help shed those unwanted fats and at the same time build your muscles.  Can anyone use it? The infomercial would say yes,   even to those who are extremely overweight and obese.  Changes could happen within 90 days of the fitness program.

If you have decided to finally start on the P90x program, then you need to check on your doctor first especially if you are overweight or out of shape.  Even if you think that you are physically up for the challenge, you would still need professional before proceeding with any kind of fitness regimen.

Aside from your physician’s advice, P90x beginners are always recommended to undergo the fitness test. The P90x fitness test is a physical test for 30 minutes which would determine if they are prepared for the intensity of the workout.  Those who do not pass the fitness test are recommended to take the Power 90 program which is less extreme. The fit test would also give you an idea on what to expect on the P90x.

The fit test is composed of the following:

• Warm-up exercising like stretching, running up and down the stairs.

• The first fit test is the pull-ups which is one of the most difficult exercises to do.  For males, it should be at least 3 pull-ups while only one for females.  P90x has substitute exercises for those who are having difficulties with pull-ups, so you do not have to fret if you could only do one or just a half pull-up.

• The second fit test is about measuring how high your vertical leap is.  It is 5 inches for males and 3 inches for females. Just stand against the wall and try to jump.

• The third fit test will require you to perform push-ups. When doing the push-up, keep your back straight and make sure that you will be meeting the required number.  It is about 15 push-ups for males and 3 for females.

• The fourth fit test would help you test your flexibility, it is the toe touch. Try to touch your toes while sitting, with the legs stretched out.  But avoid pushing yourself to touch the toes since you may injure your back or pull something on the back of your legs.  Try reaching beyond 6 inches from your toes.

• The fifth fit test would check your leg strength b squatting with your back against the wall.

• The bicep curls is the sixth fit test.  You could do this by doing several repetitions while holding weights.

• The seventh test is about checking the abdominal strength.

• The heart rate maximizer which is the eight fit test would measure your heart rate. You could do this by doing jumping jacks.

Unless you are grossly out of shape, then passing the fitness test could be very easy. You just need to have the willpower and the dedication to finish the program.  Beginners could adapt to the P90x easily as long as they put their minds and hearts into it, advanced users can find the challenge that they are looking for.  Definitely, the P90x can be used by everybody.

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