P90X and Its Creator

Without a doubt, P90X is currently among the most sought-after workout methods. By looking at the sales of the workout program, anyone could easily infer that its popularity is massive. As of July 2009, P90X has been purchased by about two million consumers worldwide. These people are thankful to the creator of the fitness program, Tony Horton. To better understand and appreciate P90X, it would be appropriate to look at the man behind its creation and wide popularity.

Tony Horton is considered as among the most skilled and most popular personal trainers around. Needless to say, Tony’s rise to fame has been filled with sheer determination and strong will to push the body’s limits. Tony started a career in acting. That time, he was already interested in disciplined and strategic body building. He was a loyal supporter of lean muscle routine. As Tony went through his physical trainings, he began developing and perfecting his own exercise techniques. It was a calling that he eventually shifted profession from being a striving actor to a sought-after exercise instructor in the 1990s.

Because Tony was starting to create a name of his own in the fitness sector, he deemed it timely to put up his own business. He decided to focus on his valued physical training service. The initial startup was setup in California. There, Tony attracted big-name and celebrity clients. He, along with his business, was even featured in various health and fitness publications like Men’s Magazine. A strong clamor from his clients prompted Tony to develop his own workout routine that would help people improve health and fitness more effectively.

In 2001, Tony released his first fitness program, Power 90. It was developed and designed for clients who prefer to workout at home during their free time. The workout program was straining, based primarily on the boot camp idea for consumers. From there, greater clamor for more emerged. In 2004, the revolutionary P90X was launched. The P90X workout system was destined to propel Tony’s fitness instruction career into greater heights.

Tony made sure P90X would be more efficient. The program allows users to have an exhausting workout even in less time. Because of its time-saving factor, many clients loved the workout program. It was an instant hit, no wonder. The routines were perfect for busy people, who do not have much time to spend working out for long hours at the gym. Needless to say, P90X was an outstanding success.

The popularity of P90X has not stop. Until today, it is considered as among the most popular, effective, and timely exercise workout programs for people who need to stay at home. Well-known celebrities are known to be staunch supporters and users of the program. They include Sheryl Crow, Demi Moore and her partner Ashton Kutcher, ESPN correspondent Jenny Brown, and television star Jennifer Taylor. Even the cast members of the hit teen flick ‘The Twilight Saga: New Moon’ were quoted as saying they have used P90X to help their bodies get and stay in ideal shape.

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