Muay Thai: Proper Techniques That You Should Follow

As a Muay Thai fighter, you have to remember that knowing how to execute the techniques properly is essential not only to give maximum damage to your opponent but also to prevent injuries that may happen by executing the techniques poorly.

First of all, you need to keep in mind that there are 8 weapons that you can use in Muay Thai. These natural weapons are your firsts, elbows, knees, and feet. Although it is possible for you to win fights using just one of the weapons, mastering all of the weapons as well as the techniques in executing them will enable you to increase your chances of winning and also let you have the confidence to face any opponent that may come your way.

As a Muay Thai fighter, always keep in mind that you need to be aware of the vulnerable points on the human body in order for you to protect them. By protecting your vulnerable points, you will be able to better withstand powerful blows from your opponent and eventually find the spots where you need to hit your opponent.

The first technique that you need to learn in Muay Thai is the three-step walk. This is basically the basis of all the footwork involved in Muay Thai boxing and is so important that you need to master this first before you can advance to learning other techniques.

Punching is another technique that you need to learn. Although punching in Muay Thai is relatively the same as in boxing, you still need to remember that proper punching techniques involve forming the fist correctly and using the combined forces of the shoulder, hip and foot to give your punch additional power. Never clench your fist tightly as this will tense you up. Only clench your fist tightly when you are about to make contact with your punch. Also, keep in mind that o pull back the fist immediately after punching.

Using elbow strikes are allowed in Muay Thai. The elbows can be very dangerous if used properly and it is often used to cut an opponent and draw blood. Also, it can be used to knock out an opponent. Elbow strikes are delivered in a hooking, overhand, and uppercut motion. To use the elbow, try to scrape your opponent lightly with your elbow. Don’t hit them bluntly with it. Your goal here is to use your elbow like a razor to draw blood. But, if you plan on hitting your opponent on the nose or chin, try to hit them with your elbow with full force.

Knee strikes are also effective and are also very devastating to the receiving end of the blow. In Muay Thai, knee strikes are often thrown to the stomach area. The proper way to throw the knee is to thrust it straight upwards. You need to stand up on your toes to do this and lift yourself up with a straight leg.

You can even use the clinch to hit your opponent on the face with the knee.

Knowing how to throw kicks is also important in Muay Thai. In Muay Thai, there are several kicking techniques that you can learn, such as the roundhouse kick, push kick, low kicks, etc. The main technique in kicking is doing it in full range of motion. The power of your kick will come from your buttocks and your hips.

These are basically the techniques that you need to learn in Muay Thai. There are still a lot more techniques that you have to know about and master in order for you to become a very effective Muay Thai fighter.

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