Is The P90X Right For Me?

With the alarming increase of obese men and women (and children) today, P90X could be the solution to this ugly fat menace. Hailed as one of the most effective workout plans available on the market today, P90X is the breakout million-selling workout program.

The critics and reviewers, the enthusiasts and the general public, and even those who had been only recently introduced to it had already been raved about P90X since its introduction to the market a few years ago.

Initially hyped as the no-nonsense fast fat-burner compared to its competitors, P90X has surpassed its hype, and actually delivered what it had promised. Reviewers everywhere have declared it as the quickest fitness program who can transform a man’s body into a toned and healthy machine.

Program profile

Basically, P90X is a body-building program that promises to be an intense 90-day physical workout guaranteed to burn out fats. Enthusiasts from all over had been raving about P90X and its known ability to tone and lift your physique.

The technique called “muscle confusion” (exclusive to P90X) stops a man’s body to plateau during exercise. The program’s success has been attributed to this technique. Now, a man can continue to gain muscle size and definition throughout the workout.

Other programs simply repeat the same exercises. Once the body gets used to these exercises and its routines, the muscles stop growing.


There are many benefits that can be had with the use of P90X. Physical appearance and health are greatly improved by the program.

When a man looks better, he also feels better. This boost of confidence provided by P90X is most evident among those who have tried the program and are enjoying the fruits of their labor.

It can make a man much leaner and having a much more defined physical appearance.  Using this program should be something that every man should consider participating in, regardless of age.

In turn, when a man has a much less body fat (much leaner), he can last long and is able to enjoy all physical activities with gusto. These activities could include sports, manual labor and many other kinds of physical activities that would be hard for a fat man.

The workout program also contains many cardiovascular exercises that can improve the health of the man’s heart and lungs.

Exercise can lead to a stronger support structure, and lesser or absent bone problems. This can avoid the resulting problems of osteoporosis, brittle bones and slipped discs.


Maybe because of its intensity, P90X is an extremely efficient way to gain a lot of muscle mass in a relatively short period of time. Most workout programs would take at least 4 times the amount of time to achieve the results of P90X.

The program’s mix of cardiovascular training, strength training, and yoga, allow a man to cover almost every aspect of his physical health. More and more people, especially those who are in the know that they are obese and the like, are now into the program.

Is the P90X right for you? It is.

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