Is P90x Workout For You?

According to Gallup Poll in 2006, about 56% of Americans are not satisfied with their body and want to lose weight or build more muscle.  These people see exercising more effective than dieting.  Finding the right fitness program that would suit your needs may not be easy, but if you are already fit but looking to build more muscle then you could try P90x.

The first thing to do is identify if you are fit to sweat it out with the P90x.  You need to know if you are prepared mentally and physically.  Although this fitness program could be followed by anybody, meaning beginners, it would require hard work, dedication, and determination.   Aside from the exercises, P90x also requires followers to adapt a nutrition and diet plan.  You should be mentally prepared to follow a strict regimen.

To completely determine if your body is up for the intense and advanced fitness program, you could download the fitness test and answer it.  It could be downloaded from the P90x website.  Answer it honestly.  If you do not come close or did not pass it, then you could try the P60 or the other fitness programs which are also created by the Benchbody, the same company that produced P60x.  Aside from the fitness test, P90x offers a fitness guide that would help you figure out your starting point.

Can overweight people participate in this fitness program? Of course! There are some who would say that they were about 50 to 60 lbs. overweight and have tried previous exercise programs to shed the pounds but found success in the P90x.  However, it is important to note that these people have tried exercise programs prior to P90x.

If you pass the fitness test, then aside from working hard, you should also provide time for it.  A work-out would last for about an hour to an hour and a half, for six days a week. The seventh day is usually for stretches which are optional but equally important.

The nutrition and diet plan would also require effort, planning and preparation since it may get complicated.  Meal planning and control over the amount or food portions you consume is important.  For example, when consuming fruits and vegetables, it is important to consume organic and unprocessed produce.   The diet would balance your workout producing significant results.

You could check all the reviews and it would really say that you will surely get your money’s worth.  But reviews would also reiterate that this is not an easy system and Tony Horton knows that.  He would assure you that working hard will not only give you the body you want but also help you build more energy, stronger immune system and other health benefits.

Expect 90 days of hard training and exercises from P90x which is why determination and willpower is important when opting for this fitness program.  It is not only a fitness program but a drastic lifestyle change.  But just like when starting any other fitness and diet program, doctor’s advise is very important.

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