History of P90X

It was 2001 when Tony Horton, a personal fitness trainer, released Power 90 via fitness firm Beachbody. The company has been committed to deliver at-home workout programs. Power 90 became so popular that Mr. Horton was prompted to release a follow-up in 2004: P90X or Power 90 Extreme. The newer fitness program stood to be a bigger success, selling up to 2 million units to date.

P90X has so far helped numerous people attain absolutely best physical shape. The program continues to bring about incredible fitness results specifically to those who are willing to take on the rigorous challenge. To better understand P90X, it would be appropriate to know more about its predecessor, Power 90.

Power 90 is an immensely well-known 90-day exercise routine that until this day continues to draw a huge following all around the world. From there, a goal to come up with a more challenging program emerged. Thus, P90X is like Power 90 in a higher and more complicated level. Mr. Horton spent almost two years (after launch of Power 90) in doing extensive research and development for a new revolutionary exercise program that would continue what the original routine started.

Slowly but surely, P90X took shape with the help of several other fitness experts who helped design and test the exercise tasks. Newly developed P90X originally intended to focus on Muscle Confusion training science. That technique has constantly evolved since then. It has crossed time and managed to get notice even up to these days.

The initial exercise techniques that were developed were laboriously and tediously tested for many times. The resulting exercise routines are essential in making P90X truly an effective form of home workout system that the public has ever encountered. Of course, it was logical that with the development of P90X exercise routines comes the development of ideal and recommended gear and equipment for the program. Equipment designers have carefully designed and created machines that would facilitate proper and best execution of the exercise routines.

The development of gear and equipment led to the creation of the P90X Chin Up Bar, a revolutionary patented gear for exercise execution. The P90X Chin Up Bar is not only effective; it is currently considered as the most practical and useful pull-up bar for executing home-based fitness regimens.

P90X also expanded its scope. It is a common knowledge that to attain overall fitness, proper exercise should be combined with an equally appropriate nutrition. The exercise program prompted its proponents to also develop a strict nutrition and diet plan, which is genuinely healthy. When the entire system was almost complete, it was subjected to test groups for verification and testing. The initial complete system for the program was released and was initially called the P90X Xplorers. No wonder, the system not only delivered truly amazing results. It effectively captured interests and created a buzz in the health and fitness industry.

The massive success of P90X was not achieved overnight. It evolved and took some time to be completed. Likewise, people who use the fitness program to lose weight and maintain a shapely physique should also realize that having a healthy and gorgeous body is not an easy and quick task.

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