Two Faces Of Colocation

You have taken time to look at the different web hosting options. After some thinking you finally decide to go with colocation. You already know the pros and cons in this hosting type but there might be other facets that you want to explore. With this, let’s take a look at the two faces that you might meet.

The first one is called managed colocation. It is otherwise known as dedicated server rentals. It is called as such because it offers a server that has been preconfigured by the provider. Software applications are made available in certain specifications. The thing to look out here is that you the customer is only given limited access.

The provider has the sole responsibility over the enhancement of the system. Upgrades on the given software tools and applications are handled by the company. They also deal with maintenance, backups, rebooting, and hardware issues.

If you are one of those persons that are not really technically sound then this sort of service can help your business move forward. You don’t have to give time and effort into learning the different aspects of server maintenance and troubleshooting. Furthermore there is no need to come up with a team of qualified professionals.

As mentioned earlier there is limited access. You have to be aware that there are restrictions to the service. One very good example is that only supported applications can be utilized during server sessions. Now if you’re site is in need of a software tool that is not present in the system then you’ve got a huge problem at hand.

If you are the type of person that wants more control in everything that you do especially when it comes to business then the next face is the one that you can associate with. It is termed as unmanaged colocation. This is your one-way ticket to attaining a more flexible form of web hosting experience.

When you choose to side with this service you are obliged to come up with your very own roster of hardware and machines. You will have your hands full with server and software management and maintenance. If you think about it this one is better if you have what it takes to choose the best setup for the software applications to be used for your site.

Even though the term unmanaged is on the table you have to realize that there are still service agreements that you have to follow as a customer. Providers are very keen in putting up clauses that prohibit certain aspects to be part of the server they will host. The usual suspects are mass email and ########### because this pair can bring about problems in network flow.

You are about to take a significant journey in your life thus you want to be prepared for whatever that may come along the way. You may have decided that colocation is the best companion on your road trip to business success. Nevertheless take some time to determine which service can bring you to the top.

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