Revving Up With Cardio Exercise Equipment

Simple exercises can be done to boost your cardio conditioning. You can jog in the park every morning. You can take the stairs instead of using the elevator. But if you choose to heighten each training session so as to maximize your full potential then you need to get the proper equipment.

One device that can target your heart’s performance is the stair climber. It is a machine that provides the resistance and conditioning you can attain by completing a flight of stairs. It is commonly paired up with aerobic routines especially when the venue does not provide the appropriate set of stairs.

The first kind of this machine entered the fitness scenario in 1983 via the famed Stairmaster model. It was built having a pair of pedals which you can utilize in order to stand straight. It is equipped with handlebars which can provide additional support and balance.

The important concept when using this machine is to never put too much weight on the handlebars. By doing so, you do not adhere to the standard form of the workout. Moreover, you become susceptible to wrist injuries. You should also maintain proper body alignment and positioning particularly on the knees in order to prevent any sort of straining and injury.

You are given the chance to manipulate the level of your workout by adjusting the resistance and speed. This feature is present on the various types of the stair climber. The version which is cylinder driven comes in a less expensive price. In this version resistance is produced via hydraulic fluid or air and a knob is turned to adjust the resistance level. Models that are more expensive are computer-controlled and have additional features like preconfigured workout programs and analysis indicating the calories burned along with your heart rate.

Although the main function of the stair climber is to provide adequate cardio training it can also lead the way for the conditioning of the muscles in the thighs, buttocks, and calves. You can further increase the toning capacities of this device by incorporating the use of ankle weight during your sessions. As you progress with your routines and you think you’ve achieved proper balancing you can gradually let go of the handlebars.

Treadmills are the common machines used to increase the heart’s performance but if you have undergone any trauma or injury on the joints of your lower extremity then chances are you won’t be able to handle the impact. In this case the elliptical trainer may help you get through the rehabilitation period while maintaining the appropriate workout for your heart. Plus you get to burn the same calories with a less effort on your part.

Elliptical trainer machines offer other features that may not be present in common treadmills. It allows you to exercise in the normal forward motion but can also present routines in a reverse direction. The change of direction will give you the chance to target various sets of muscles thus your workout is revved up to higher levels.

You can choose from a wide array of cardio exercise equipment but you have to realize that each session does not only aim to strengthen the targeted body part. Each anatomical area should be kept in good condition and within normal functioning levels.

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