Freshly Baked Cardio Exercise Equipment

Admit it or not you have become one of those people who have turned away from an unhealthy lifestyle. Like many individuals at present you have become health conscious especially when it comes to cardio issues. You look forward into being acquainted with reliable exercise equipment.

You might not know it but a rowing machine exists. It is usually one of the most neglected contraptions in the gym because people are a bit ignorant on how it should be properly used. This machine is designed to simulate rowing motions. You have to understand that it is not built for resistance exercises. People who utilize it often pull very hard resulting into bad form and ineffective workout.

The core principle in using a rowing machine is motivation. In order to maximize its full benefits you have to intensify the speed of your workouts. You have absolute control. Only you can dictate where a single session can go.

The arc trainer is one of the newest brands of non-impact cardio equipment that is steadily gaining popularity within the circles of gym-goers. It consists of two platforms that allow you to swing your legs back and forth. You can adjust the speed and resistance to modify the scissor-like movements of your legs thus intensifying your cardio session.

Non-impact machines are the ideal forms of cardio equipment specifically for persons suffering from chronic joint problems. The arc trainer can increase you heart rate without putting too much pressure on your lower extremities but don’t let the non-impact nature of the machine compromise each workout. Make sure that your heart rate is maintained within high levels based on your target parameter.

Another one of the newest cardio equipment situated on the forgotten zone of local gyms is the Versa climber. But this should not be the case since this machine is effective in cardio conditioning. It demands that you climb vertically directly opposing the force of gravity. Both your upper and lower body is active thus you heart rate spikes up in a swift manner.

The machine can be very challenging especially when you increase the resistance. With each push and pull you’re assured that your muscles are performing. The Versa climber is a cardio contraption that can be utilized for interval training. You can have a tough five minutes on the machine given normal intensity levels. Thus it would be advisable to alternately do your workout with another cardio machine like the stationary bike wherein you have the luxury of making a quick transition.

Hand ergometers or hand bikes are the ones being used by individuals undergoing rehabilitation because of a fractured leg or sprained ankle. Your heart rate goes up quickly when using these machines as compared to the leg cardio equipment. This is because your arms are closer to your heart. Since a session on this contraption can be a bit boring you might want to listen to your favorite tunes.

You should not be too hasty in judging new and innovative cardio exercise equipment. Yes the conventional ones are tried and tested but the other machines in your local gym were placed there for a reason. Do not neglect them. Give them a try and you will see that they are just as effective as the traditional treadmills and stationary bikes.

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