Extra Fees in Colocation

Most fees associated with common colocation services involve charges for usage of bandwidth and server space. However, do not be surprised when there are additional charges imposed for the services. Such extra fees could actually be assessed based on items required for the support of the server. You have to look at several common and additional fees you may encounter. Some colocation providers are including services in base prices so be sure to carefully read all the terms in your contract.

In many cases, server problems could be easily and quickly resolved simply through rebooting the server. In particular instances, there is a need to reboot especially when you are upgrading software and applications. Because the server you use is located in a separate and remote location, there could be logical problems if the server could not be rebooted through a remote connection. Remote reboots would come into play. You just need to call a given support number so you could request for a server power cycling. The function could also be facilitated through a remote power port management. The service could be included in your contract but it could be free only at several times. If you exceed the limit for such service, there would be added charges.

Remote hand is usually called remote technical support for software or hardware issues. You could request for such a service as a customer. This is necessary as you may require more than just rebooting of the computer system. The service usually includes troubleshooting software problems and common hardware issues. Remote hands services are usually excluded from the fixed costs and are billed at costly hourly rates.

When you run a server, there would be a particular domain linked with it. A server could host multiple domain names. Colocation providers usually have many DNS servers that could host your system DNS files. They could include specific numbers of domains that could be hosted by the DNS servers. Such additional domains cost additional fees on a monthly basis.

Colocating services usually have limited IP addresses provided to customers. In most cases, a server require one, although additional IP addresses could also be used to effectively separate services on the PC. Providers would provide certain numbers of IPs, as stated in the contract. Additional IP addresses you may require surely would automatically command additional monthly fees.

Server backups are of course commanding additional monthly costs, as well. You may need such service especially when you do not like the idea of possibly losing important data. Server backups require a server to have compatible software and hardware to be functional.

When a server is put within a colocation facility, it could be exposed or open to network connections from elsewhere across the Internet. It could compromise overall security of the system. Most colocation providers offer placing the server behind a functional firewall. Thus, there would be restricted access to a server going to specific ports. Without a doubt, this calls for an extra monthly charge per port.

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