Maintaining Not Only The Body: Cardio Exercise Equipment U

Cardio exercise equipments help us achieve significant results in improving our overall health which is why a lot of people are investing in gym memberships and purchasing fitness equipments.  Cardio exercise equipments are no longer just fitness machines, it is now considered investments.

To protect our investments, it is important to perform basic maintenance.  If neglected, the equipment’s performance may be affected.  When benefit from our exercise equipment, since we are able to fully use them. But inability to perform basic and regular upkeep could affect how we benefit from out exercise machines. Eventually, small problems would lead to major equipment failure. Maintenance is not that hard, it just a matter of allotting time in cleaning and protecting them against the elements.

Some people think that just because their equipment is working properly, it would last like that for a long time. On the outside it may look fine, but the interior of the machine may be starting to have small problems. For example, if equipments with springs are exposed to dampness, the springs may get rusty and may lose its ability to compress and bounce back. In worst cases, equipment problems or failure could happen in the middle of the workout, causing accidents.

Sometimes, it is not just failure to do regular maintenance that could affect the equipment’s performance.  After a workout or some heavy training, we just drop our equipment or just shove or kick it aside.  This could also damage the equipment. it is important to handle our equipment properly.  After each workout, it is also important to store the machine properly.   Make sure that it is stored away from excessive sunlight or dampness.

When cleaning hand rails and the upholstery, you will just need a cleaning pad, cleaner or cleaning solution and a dry towel or paper towels.  Wiping the surfaces with cleaning pads and a cleaning solution could remove sweat, water or juice spills, etc.  After wiping them with the cleanser, dry it with a towel to remove dampness, before storage.  Avoid using the cleaning solutions on the treadmill’s belt since it could affect the lubrication of the machine.

Make sure that they are free of dust and dirt.  Make sure that the floor or mat under the treadmill is cleaned and vacuumed regularly.  The lubrication should be checked monthly, while the belt should be inspected for tension and tracking every six months.  The same goes for elliptical trainers.

Your stationary bike should not be making any squeaking noise.  If it does, then check the pedals and the pedal shaft. It should be lubricated every three to four months.  All exercise equipment should be checked every two to three months for loose nuts and bolts.

What most people forget is that the equipment manual is not only a guide for setting up the exercise machine.  It also includes approved manufacturer methods of cleaning your exercise machine.  Read and follow the instructions in the manual.

It is not only the mechanical equipment which needs to be checked. Other cardio exercise equipment should be cleaned, like the dumbbells and other weights.  Maintenance could be easy as long as your make time for it.  You could have a checklist on your workout area where you have indicated the maintenance calendar for your machines.

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