Colocation Magnified

You have decided to set up your small business and one of the vital components on your list is a site that can showcase your products and services to the market. At this point you know that all you have to do is choose from a wide array of web hosting selections. You don’t have to look further and dig into complicated details because colocation is just the right thing for you.

Colocation has been the common choice for budding businesses that demand the high-tech functioning of a well-versed IT team for the simple reason that the price is just right. But what really is this colocation all about? Let’s take a look.

You start by getting your own hardware. You then contact a provider and kick off the machine set-up in their own rack. Once the servers are physically present the company provides the power, bandwidth, and IP to your servers. You get full access to the system just like any other web hosting but the big difference is you own and control the machines.

Furthermore, you get your money’s worth in terms of bandwidth. The standard rate for the bandwidth of a business grade DSL line runs between 150 and 200 dollars. For the same rate or even cheaper a single server can be built in a colocation space handing you higher speeds and better redundancy.

Outage protection is another issue that can be easily handled by colocation facilities. There may be environmental and technical factors that can lead to energy source breakdown. This will give your site a really long slumber. The good thing about being connected with providers is that you are paying for backup power generators designed to face any kind of outage.

As mentioned above the good thing about being colocated is that you have authority on all your machines. If you start to see that the server is beginning to function slowly or there isn’t enough memory to carry out all the tasks then you can simply proceed with the upgrade. There is no need to wait for other people to act on your behalf.

Software is also important in ensuring the performance of your site and since in this type of hosting you are the absolute owner you also get to choose which ones to install. You don’t need to seek the permission or advice of your provider. You get to choose the internal elements that you think can help your server run even better.

Stability is another boost if you’re colocating. If there comes a time that you have to move and you host your own domain you have to painstakingly deal with the actual transfer of the domain and the downtime of your site. But since you’ve chosen to have a facility that houses your server then you just go on with your activity while having the peace of mind that your servers are up and running.

In colocation you are assured that your machines are kept in a secured area. You can also opt to add some extra fees to your provider for the maintenance of your hardware particularly when your office is too far from the site or you don’t have the manpower to do the job.

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