Cameos Stand Out on Entourage

It is a testimony to how well regarded a show is when you see a consistent flow of cameos showing up on the show each week.  Many HBO shows are well known for pulling in a lot of guest stars who appear as themselves in various situations in the show.  Curb Your Enthusiasm is an example of a show that has some outstanding regulars and cameos by people you would never expect to see show up in a situation comedy.

The HBO series Entourage may be the television comedy show that sets a new standard for the most cameos and cameos by the most diverse array of talent and big name performers of any show either on HBO or on broadcast television.  Throughout its four year run, at any given time and in any given scene on Entourage, you might see the show’s main characters, Vincent, Johnnie, Ari, Turtle or Eric interacting with great names from the screen, popular music or major Hollywood movers and shakers.

The ability of Entourage to pull in such amazing talent is a testimony to how well respected it is.  And it is a natural setting for cameos because of the plot which puts our main characters right smack in the middle of a fictional Hollywood which bears a spitting image resemblance to the real Hollywood.  As the main character, Vincent Chase, continues his career as a very successful movie star, he naturally rubs elbows with the greats of the movie industry.

The list of names of stars who have done cameos on Entourage reads like a who’s who of the rich and famous including Mark Wahlberg, Jessica Alba, Jimmy Kimmel, Luke Wilson, Sarah Silverman, Gary Busey, Larry David, Scarlett Johansson, Amanda Peet, Hugh Hefner, Ralph Macchio, Pauly Shore, James Cameron, Peter Dinklage, Joyce Brothers, Mandy Moore, U2, Brooke Shields, Seth Green,  Ed Burn, Penny Marshall, Anthony Michael Hall, Dennis Hopper, M. Night Shyamalan. Snoop Dogg and Sydney Pollock to name just a few.

Of course, the real beneficiaries of all of these wonderful cameos on Entourage are the fans.  One of the fun “games” that devotees of the show love to play is “spot the star”.  You are as likely to see a very famous face just mingling with the rest of the cast backstage at the filming of a movie or at a Hollywood party.  Those cameos may have lines or they might not and they might be credited or they might not.   This creates a lot of excitement about Entourage because looking over Vincent’s shoulder seems so much like how it seems like it must be in Hollywood where you might see a big movie star buying a smoothie at the ice cream shop or walking down the street.

It is also easy to admire how lucky the producers are to be able to showcase such a parade of big name talent just showing up to be on screen on Entourage.  It seems like big stars like we see on the list above are doing the Entourage producers a big favor by showing up in an episode.  But its good to remember that Entourage is one of the top rated comedies on television and it is enjoying the break out success of its predecessors on HBO like The Sopranos and Sex and the City.  So it is very likely that these big names in the entertainment business want to be seen on screen for their own sake as much as we want to see them there.

Whatever the motivation, be sure you keep your eyes open and on the screen at all times when watching each episode of Entourage so you find the stars that may be lurking anywhere mixing with the Entourage cast as they move through their adventures.  And if you think you missed some of the cameos that have happened in the four year run of the show, that is good enough reason to go ahead and start watching the older shows again.  You just never know who you will see.

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